Monday, September 8, 2008

Having return and some Gintama!

Been gone for a really long time... but now I'm back. haha. Well anyways was really busy with the summer. Been working all summer except for the last 3 weeks because i went to Ottawa to visit relatives for the first time. Gee was it ever fun! Went to Toronto and to the Niagara falls! I miss it there already after having left but got me till next year to return! Now its just time to concentrate on studies and the likes for University.
Man! aren't the books pricey! Beginning to go broke so i wont be able to put up the other blog site for awhile and will have to make do with here! ^_^

Anyways..been able to watch a bunch of new Gintama episodes and it certainly does not dissapoint! Sub versions of course! i will get to the RAWS at a later date :) any animes you would like to see blogged? leave a comment and if i seem to like the anime i'll try to blog it. ahha but i'm not the best blogger out there but i sure would like to try ^_^ just another little thing, if you enjoy watching Gintama subbed i for one would say rumbel & smi subs are really good! always enjoy the awesome anime they've done. in anycase pictures of gintama will be up soon. thanks!

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