Wednesday, February 20, 2008

kimikiss ep19 - (mao hatred? yumi realizes? observation play)

I've gone through alot of blogs about kimikiss and even forums, and almost so many of them are with mao hatred. Okay, i admit the way she's doing things that have been very irritating with the, "be with kai to forget Kouichi, but i can't do it so i'm breaking up with him" thing, we all know its not right. But as we see it, mao is in a stat of not knowing how to react with her feelings of Kouichi. She knows he's with Yumi and the two have made progress throughout the series, and it definitely would seem that Mao's a b*tch for liking Kouichi when he's already going out with Yumi. But can that really stop her from liking Kouichi? In reality i believe these type of feelings that Mao holds is something that happens a lot. Like lets say someone's bestfriend has this girlfriend who he's going out with but his girlfriend has feelings for her boyfriend's bestfriend since for so long, and the reason why she's with her boyfriend right now is because of his bestfriend, when the one she really likes is her boyfriends bestfriend...haha catch on? no? (true tears - :P) These type of feelings can be also viewed in the real world and many can relate to it too, trust me i know.. =( .

Now Yumi on the other hand, seems to feel as if there's something going on Kouchi's mind and in particularly Mao. With the impressions she has shown in previous episodes, where she sees this, but not so much as when she realizes it during the kiss scene of the play. We see her looking at Kouichi after Mao runs off and then Yumi drops her script. Yumi having made friends and memories with them, especially the ones with kouichi, how will this story play out? Oh, love triangles, don't you just love them?

Now what's all about this play that koucihi has made? Well this is what i think about it, and from i'm what i am going to mention here might get people flame me for this little observation of mine, especially after my post above. But i'm sure everyone, not only me, has seen this earlier in the episodes. Well in anycase, from the play, it seems to relate a lot like a childhood friendship type thing. From what i see, i believe its something kouichi had felt when making the script. He may have not really thought about how he made it, but possibly he made the script somewhat based on his relationship with Mao without even realizing it. A part of the play where Kouichi and Mao are on the rooftop of the school. (ep 17) Where Kouichi's character askes Mao Character if she loved him that much, and Mao replies he wouldn't understand. But Kouichi does understand since he's been looking at her since they were young? Or how about this ep, where near the end, Where Mao asks, why they were childhood friend rather then being strangers, that way the could've liked eachother normally. Then Kouichi goes saying that its because they are childhood friends that they are this close to eachother and able to lover her that much and that it didn't matter how they met, ( during that line, look at how the anime moves on a view of kazuki - possible hint on something? hehe) what could this scripy trying to show? hmmm..

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